Rea-lazy – Finally is saturday


Finally is saturday.

I dream all week to wait it, London is full of amazing things to do on week-end.

Don’t worry, I’m not excited as you could think, I stayed on bed, I was deflated without an2016-07-16-12-12-30y interest to got up. The sun shone on sky as he never did for a long, but he was not enough to persuade me. I was so tired wich my body was taking decision instead of my mind, I mean my legs were locked by unknow, my mind didn’t work so my eyes were staring the empty spaces for long, at least my stomach get hungry.

I’ve had my breakfast with some tea, honey and granola quick as a wolf wich I was still hungry. In the fridge there were a dead lemon, a rank chiken breast and two crushed tomatos, so I decided for the dull brown banana in the fruit basket. Sitting on the chair, while I was eating the dull brown banana I felt  as a loser soldier so my eyes stared on empty spaces again and my mind went deep inside me. I began to realize:

“I came in London 3 years ago when I hadn’t any language skills so for the first months I had to fight everyday to understand everything, I had to study hard while I had to work hard because the expensive rent, the expensive bills and the expensive life and makes end meet. After 3 years my language skills are better than before, but still not ready to work for a magazine or write for media.
To survive in London and improve my skills language I have to still work hard for a minimum wage but I’m in my early 40 so my body claim more relax and my proud claim more dignity at least some money to enjoy my time and not survive as a twenties.”

Do you think I’m wrong? I mean, I know that I decided to change my lafe bit late, but is there any award for the reckless?

I got up the chair and I saw the washing machine full of clothes from 2 days and  my stuff inside stank really bad so I had to start a new one.
While I was waiting for the washing machine I came back to the bed realizing who I had to change my bed linen, clean the bathroom, clean the kitchen, mope the floor, have a shower.

What a Bloody saturday!
I was so lazy. It was more than one week that I didn’t have relax on my bed that was a calling from my body and my mind.
I didn’t. Cinderella had one day off too.

Powerful for your week least who have.


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