Dog’s life day


Sometimes in London things happened that surprise you. Something good always happened in London.

After having an energetic lunch, fried egg, bacon, boiled vegetables and fruit I felt surging sprint to enjoy a sunny day outdoors, I got dress quickly and took the train from Hackney Downs to Liverpool Street Station, then I took the train to Leicester Square. I had a coffee to Department of Coffee and Social Affairs in Saint Martin Courtyard, I usually have a free coffee because I work for the company. It was a beautiful and sunny day but rather stafy and around the hustle and bustle city streets there were troublesome tourist. The tourist walk on the streets group of 3-4 semming to take possession of the pavement whilst shuffling slowly about. Tourist can be so annoyng as they stop to ceck the roads aimlessly, taking some pictures in t hte midst of it all a loopy londoner with a plan to walk on quickly while OOOPPSS!! I collided in to a hefty man who stopped quickly ahead me for a picture. CRASH!!

My face scamned in to his sweety, fatty back and my feet crossed at his ankled. The man strange grunt like a german became angry and showed me aside hostily in absolute arrogance. In shock I ask him to pay more attention and have respect for people when he is walking around like a madman.

He got more infuriated and jostle me by my t-shirt and began clenching with his closed fist. My voice was trembling and my face become rosy-red. A girl come to my rescue and told him off and called him a coward for pickning a fight with a smaller guy.

I felt ashame at that moment as I did’t know what this nice girl could be thinking of a man like me. It was a cushing blow to my ego.

The German man release me before he went to way as he left he told me: “You are a lucky man you know?” and disappeared quickly in to the cantankerous crowd.

The girl softly asked me:

  • Are you ok?
  • Yes thank you but You didn’t have to, I can look after myself – I reply.
  • He was a bloody bastard. I hate the coward! –

I hadn’t time to reply, she disappeared in to the cantakerous crowd.

How couldn’t felt in a dog’s life?img_20160717_091042

Looking for a bit of happiness I went to Hyde Park to get some swans lake pictures. Many engaged couples were on queue to rent the boat and I still don’t understand why they had to suffer under the sun in a stafy day to enjoy 30 mins on the boat? Haven’t they any romantic ideas?

If I was lucky to have a girlfriend I would have some other romantic idea instead get wet on queue! Get a life! Life is too short to spent your lovetime in a queue! Life is too short to do everyone the same!

I didn’t takimg_20160721_141146e the tube to go home. It was a beautiful and sunny day, it was my day off and to avoid the bloody crowd in Oxford street, I walked to Marleybone. In Marleybone Lane I discovered an historic and amazing pub wich name is The Golden Eagle, so I decided to stop here for a beer.  The pub was clean, all was in tidy with an ancient design and the red moquette on the floor was so soft wich felt it like walking on pillows.

Despite I felt to live as a dog’s life I was happy about my day. I walked more than one hour back to Liverpool Street Station. At 7.30PM I get the train to Hackney Downs and I set down reading a book. A couple in their 45 set down opposite me. She was a nice woman in black skirt and he was dress with a cheaper beige shirt. She get off her bag three can of Bacardi Rum, one for her, one for him and stright on her arm to me she offer me the third one. I said wich I was ok but she insisted for. So I couldn’t say no. We had cheers together and we began to speak as old friends. She told me about her life, I told their about my plan. We spoke while drinking for about 20 mins and I enjoyed them. They were unknown friends of my dog’s life.  When I got off the train we said hello as we had to meet again, but everyone of us known wich will never meet again.img_20160710_095103

I walked my way to home thinking how is strange a life. I was bit drunk thanks to Bacardi Rum and I felt wich a dog’s life -day can be once, can be thousand, I mean everything can happen, but you will always come back home alone.
There were a red sunset on the sky while I pick up my glass of red wine outside the window and I said:

  • Salute! Cheers! Salut! Saude! Prosit! Naz-dravie!

You could have a drink or enjoy a cheers with everyone in the world, but if you live a dog’s life the last one cheers will it between you and the sky.



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