I don’t know really who I am, but I’m bloody damn cool.

  My life has changed so many times who sometimes I don’t know really who am I.
I used to be a business man but now I’m not.
In my 20 and my 30 I was owner and co-founder of 2 shop in Italy. I often made designer and leather belts as well. However every minute of my life was like a day-dream: I wanting to be a journalist to tell the world and try to build a better world.
At 30 instead to getting married and having a family I began to work in a local FM radio. Here my life started to change drammatically.
After years of hardwork I had tremendous success and I bacame popular and well known. Unfortunatelly the FM radio got in the financial difficulty and most of the team was redounded.
So I returned in my leather trade to makes ends meet, but I was really disappointed with the situation.
I was 39 and I was nowhere so I decided to move to London and to start a new career in international media.
Belive me, is really hard for a man in his 40’s all of this odd and sometimes I’m so tired that I can’t think, write or say anything.
I’m studying english everyday adn I believe I can learn the language succinetly the world with the identical emotions wich I can write.
Perhaps one day it will make me famous.
I have such diverse experience in my life that and when I’m stop to think, answer is always the same: I don’t know who I am, but I’m bloody damn cool.
At least I’m alive and kicking the destiny.
I’m not anyone. I’m Martino Serra, and I will do my best to tell you all.
Till next time.

Martino Serra

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