Andrea, the italian guy with the Coffee-Cycles plan.


London is a competitive city where you can learn more about life, so everyone want come to improve their skills, even himself. In London doesn’t exist a present from your destiny or a casual good news, because everything you improve it’s deserve of your diligence.

Andrea Corda, 27 from Sardinia know what’s means improve himself, he comes in London 6 years ago working at minimum wage as kitchen porter, until he learned the language and become chef so head chef.12909566_10207348895259354_7466714976761946421_o

Today he’s barista to Press Coffee & Co. he is enjoy his position and when he think at his past he lives a nightmare memory, so is proud to be what he is now. He likes to say “I gained my life step by step” and “most of the guy wich I met they came back home defeated by London, but not me. I’m still alive.”

He moves in London with the bicycle, he started to use the cycle to save money for transport right now wich it is being a passion. Andrea has a plan to improve his future, he wants open a Coffee Cycles so coffeelovers and cyclelovers could be meet.

About 10millions people living in London, about 600thousand people are moving by bicycle so it could be a big business.

Why London?

I felt to find more opportunity than in my country, I came from Cagliari, Sardinia is an island where you can find a seasonal job and the citizens are closes minded. London is an open mind world.

What did you enjoy in London?

First of all respect for the employee. If you are an hardworker you can have a prom

otion, you can become a supervisor, a manager, an head chef, or head barista, so everything you like wether you will do your best.

How can you image your life in Italy if you were still be there?

Poor life! In Italy if you are and hardworker you will never get a promotion, in Italy you can become a manager if you are a coward bullshit!



How do you move in London?

Just with bicycle! First of all is healthy and you can save a lot of money from your salary. An oyster card worth for about 130£ p/month. If you move by bicycle you will never have issue with strikes or trains delayes, so if you are in late is your fault!

Do you have any plan for you future?

I would like to open a Coffee-Cycles where people with my passion could be meet, be friends and share new ideas. I’m a coffeelover and bikelover, these are my passion so this is my world.


Do you have a second dream-city where living?

Barcelona. I have no doubt! Barcelona is a city where you can live an healthy life. You can live under the sun enjoy the sea and the forest.

Do you miss Italy?

Sometimes. I miss my parents, my house, my friends and the happy-life wich it doesn’t exist more.

What’s means happy-life which doesn’t exist more?

When you can stay in your country and have a good job so you can enjoy your family and your friends without go away.

Do you have any advice for the people who are thinking to move in London?

Guys don’t lose your time, come in London tomorrow! If you have good skills come here and your life will be improve!

Never Give Up!

 I met Andrea in the coffesshop where he is working. I wanted tell about him experienc12969328_10209243223063602_1055751176_nes because he is living in London the same life of thousand italians and could be a good example for their. I choose him between others because I like his honesty.

His Coffee-Cycle project is an incredible idea, I saw in London some of these shop and I think is an amazing location where people could meet and chat about their passion.

We recorded the interview in London Fields to Pub on The Park where we had a beer together on the garden while we were waiting for him friends. So I met him friends and we spent the night drinking beers together.

I enjoyed him as his friends so I think he is in the good mood to live his life. He is a good example for many guys wich are waiting to take a decision of their future. Don’t you think?

As Andrea use to say: Never give up!

Martino Serra

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