A magic trip in Narrow Way


img_20160707_120442Location: London – Hackney

At the beginning of Mare Street starts Narrow Way.

Although is labelled as Mare Street is totally different from it and sometimes seems to be in a strange world between madness and happiness. First of all is a pedestrian street so there anen’t any car that pass there except for some vans for delivery in the morning. Despite middle-lane can be shared with pedestrians, cyclists within a blind fury claim their road in different sort of style, they usually like bloody shout, ring the bell, cursing bed worlds or fake compliments as “Hey Love move on!” So cyclists are unusually allowed owners of a pedestrians street.

The streets is full of different shops. If you like to enjoy a delicious coffee Palm Vaults is an amazing coffeeshop designed as a tropical place within different sort of plants where you can meet some curious hipster, pin-up or fahionable customer. It’s at the beginning of the street, opposite the corner where a bunch of slakers spend everyday their time to drink can.


Next them there are 2 shops that sell miscellaneous for home. Goods, items and each sort of tools are displayed everywhere, so the style that they have to show looks like the bazars of a crowded street of Mumbai.

Walking down the street there are two bakeries, an healthy store, a curious african-off-licence and a pharmacy which share his spaces with the post-office.


Straight down the road there are two second-hand gadget shops wich are operating their business opposite each other. How they do? I never would like open a business with the enemy opposite me!

One month ago I went in one of them to buy a cheap cable for my laptop and the sales assistant told me wich it was very good and it will works at the best but when I went home to try the cable it didn’t works properly. I could come back for the refund but I’d lost my receipt, so for the next time I have to remember wich they aren’t professional traders.

Next to Marks & Spencer and Mc Donalds there is a meeting point for teen agers that in the evening like listen R & B music loud while having chat. Opposite them there is a court with benches where a bounch of beggars wich are drinking can and smoking spliffs all day long, speak loud, laughing or fighting; they are irritable, so my advice is to pass over quickly.

The street is a miscellanous of crazy people, beggars, alcoholics, fury cyclists, loopy londoners, junkies, escaped from mentality hospital, dealers, mothers, kids and mediocre musicians. My favourite at all is a jamaican man of advanced age who is bold but has some spare short silver hairs dreadlocks and a voice like a wolf. He is a beggar, and he is suffering of a mental illness so seems he has never get a life, and he isn’t able to say any words except: “Any change Bro”.

Despite he is living a dog’s life he has an own manner to reply if you don’t have any change; he looks into your eyes and shout: “I beg you!” he is acting every day the same.

There is a man sometimes, who dress a cow-boy hat wich sit down on the street with an out of tune guitar who tries to play spanish music but he is really far from every sort of suond, so seems wich he is strangles his guitar. He swap his place with a sloppy flutist in his 50es who tries to do his best but the only sound wich he does with his flute sounds like yelps of a dog in heat!

At the end on the street there is Paper Dress Vintage, it is on the corner between Narrow Way, Mare Street and Amhurst Road; it is an amazing shop which gather customers from everywhere.


Obviously are vintages people who dress vintage and probably think vintage, so I think they trust so much in their style wich seems don’t like talk with anyone else except their fellows. Inside the vintage shop there is a cocktail-bar and on the first floor a party-room with musical instruments and sometimes in the evening you can heard and see from the large window some band who play their songs. That’s cool..that’s bloody Jesus cool!

I’m living in Clarence Mews, the streets wich is next to Narrow Way so I walk everyday from there and everyday is not the same day. For that reason I could tell you more about the street but the life is so many fast and everything is changed so many times around there wich I couldn’t tell you more, probably while I’m writing you something is happening in Narrow Way.

Ah, I forget to tell you about the ambulance wich everyday come to take on someone?..naaa, guys, I can tell you sincerly wich the best thing to do in your days in London is to come to visit Narrow Way. It will give you a different point of view of your fanciful pics of London.

Hey, don’t forget to follow me..

I beg you!

Martino Serra

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  • Luke

    Wooow! I would like to come!


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