Traffic..What a Bloody Hell!!


Drivers in London show all their inhumanity. They haven’t got respect for anyone, they think they are the most important people in the world. All of them think that the others drivers have not anything to do but drives their car to pass their time. Sometimes it happen that someone have to turn in to a road, if the driver behind is waiting for a long time he starts to beep the horn as to say: “Hey man, what’s going on?”


We gotta keep it cool man, Rome was not build in a day the traffic is massive mayhem.

They haven’t got respect for pedestrian as well.

I think that we have to give pedestrian priority and that’s what I do when I drive my car. As they say: “Patience is a virtue we should all possess but we often never use it”.

It seems that in London pedestrian are like middlesome mosquitos buzzing around helplessy.

Sometimes someone may get delayed in crossing the road, the drivers then sound their car horns: “Don’t you know I wanna go?? I haven’t time to waiste!


Traffic is a hell-hole but we can’t live without then. Bring it on!

I hate London drivers like sin.

Martino Serra

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