The Epicurean. Among the winemakers


At The Epicurean to Truman Brewery at Brick Lane 28/29 October, over than 120 producers and importers of the finest foodstuffs and drinks showed more than 100 products coming from every part of the world.

Has been a great opportunity for owners restaurant, merchants and who work in the food field to discover high quality wines, spirits and food but has been a great opportunity as well for everyone who love quality products to know more about. A big event where people could taste every sort of things as much as they like and buy with home delivery so discover new company and new brand.

J. Nebbe - Alpine Wines
J. Nebbe – Alpine Wines

Breathing Brexit something is changing in the business which involve the foreign trading so The Epicurean has been a great chance to meet winemakers and importers from everywhere and know more about the particular condition wich they’re living at this time.

Sell products today is a big challenge. Moritz Bak, from France Res Fortes winemaker said: “Sell wine today is difficult, is not an easy task, require a lot of work, you need to push-push-push” is about that wich in trading they need to do more so show the quality skills in their products.

Is very a difficult business” says Joelle Nebbe, Alpine Wines’owner “there so much wine in UK – to convince a shop or a restaurant to put wine on the shelf is not easy, they are really really scared”.

Maybe it depend because UK is living “a difficult time and Brexit is on the doorstep” as told me Hugo Livingston, Demaine du Mourchon partner who adds: “is taking part at event like this wich we could have the opportunity to meet new customers and give them the chance to taste our products”.

So we can say that never as today take part at exhibitions where show own products is more important than spamming on social media a brand. At the same time we could say wich is important be presenter as customer so taste the products and meet the producers.

In terms of business London is full of opportunity and you are always in competition so the quality of the wine is raising all the time” says Philippe merchant wine at Vinarius in Roman Road and the Londoners prefers Pinot nero says Megan O’Rahilly wich is the Robertson Wine online department.

Probably everyone have different sort of business, there was a time wich londoners love Champagne but not today. “Recently prosecco is on fine on” says Danielle Gordon, Kendrick Wine owner who adds: “until 7 years ago I didn’t sell any Prosecco, I used to sell Champagne”.

So, what is changed today in the consumers, the taste, the economy efforts or the acknowledge wich times are changed and we are drinking as we dress?

Probably today the market is so full wich is really hard take the right position but we have to consider that the new generation lost most of the knowledge wich was before about the right purchase so consumerism took over.

2016-11-01-18-07-52On my own take part at The Epicurean left me the pleasure to do my best for my knowledge about the quality and when I will see a bottle of wine in a supermarket I will know now how many risk could be if I’m going for a cheaper way. But for the moment I’m covered, I’m waiting for my mixed delivery from The Epicurean exhibition, on the other hand I could find hundreds of wine shops in London or online where find the best product for me.

In a glass of wine you can smell thousand of flavour, they could be flowers, they could be spices, they could be fruits, they could be every sort of great pleasure content in mother nature.

Don’t let the sun go down on me sings Elton John, so why we have to deprive us from what the nature provide us?


Martino Serra






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