Christmas Song was born in Leicester Square


Dedicate to all of those who can’t see anymore their father or their mother and who tragically can’t see anymore their sons because the life goes on and we never could drive the fate.

Dedicated to all of those who can’t see anymore their affections because their guilty to born where the world is making a war.

Dedicated to all of those who live outside the society because can’t back again their fault.

Dedicated to all of those raugh sleep in the winter.

Ddedicated to all of those who is starved and they have no chance to get any food.

Dedicated to all of those have a big heart and don’t know how to do it with.

Dedicated to all of those live in the world with the hopes to be better than before.

Do love, make love.

I wish a merry Christmas for everyone.


When I walked busy in Leicester Square one of the Christmas time days I had no time to stop but I’ve been catch up by that song that I couldn’t resist to recorded for myself in my mobile.

While the busker was playing it I closed my eyes and I felt a sort of love for everyone, I thought at the homeless who rough sleep, at the thousands of children who can’t live their parents anymore and at the people who suffered for every sort of their trouble.

I hadn’t any time to stop and ask for his name, I recorded the performance and I run away. When I went home I played the song and I felt the same emotion of before.

I don’t know who he is, I don’t know how to find him anymore. I know which he is everyday around London to get cold and freeze just to play his songs.

I would like that this song could be share thousand of time in thesee days and could be came our love Christmas Song.

Could we do that to get a chance to someone who put any effort to share love instead let to get earn money to the major artist please?


I wish you a Merry Christmas.

With Love.



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