Un chicco di caffè

  Un viaggio introspettivo dalla Colombia a Londra, dove l’anima si trasforma in un chicco di caffè per ritrovarsi in una tazzina,  un giorno qualunque della tua vita. Filmati originali ripresi in Colombia da Davide Pastorino, proprietario e socio fondatore del Press Coffee & Co. di Londra, storia scritta e narrata da me. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n-um8DvrkfI Un […]

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Christmas Song was born in Leicester Square

Dedicate to all of those who can’t see anymore their father or their mother and who tragically can’t see anymore their sons because the life goes on and we never could drive the fate. Dedicated to all of those who can’t see anymore their affections because their guilty to born where the world is making […]

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My weird race from Liverpool Street to Hackney

  Sure to back home in less than 20mins last friday I got off the tube at Liverpool Street Station around midnight, so I had to decide to change for the Overground or an Uber call. I had had a busy day work and later I enjoyed some beers with my collegues in Soho. Hungry […]

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